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Team engagement made simple

Show the world that your company is a great place to work with Engagement by MAPAL. Our hospitality employee engagement solution is designed especially for hotels, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, pubs, and catering companies who want to put people at the centre of their business. Encourage and gather valuable 360° feedback, promote employee recognition, send company surveys, and improve employer branding with our easy-to-use digital app. 


Build a great company culture through hospitality employee engagement

Putting people first

People are at the heart of hospitality and our teams are the face of our brand. Giving them a voice and promoting recognition improves their satisfaction, loyalty and performance.

By hospitality, for hospitality

MAPAL created its solutions especially for the sector and our team has hospitality running in its veins. Engagement and motivation are the keys to a great company culture.

Making good operators great

Our solutions are live in almost 50,000 sites across 54 countries. Our case studies show that even the biggest and best operators can improve performance, productivity and enhance the work environment.

Future-proof your talent pool

Encouraging positive feedback among your team to use in review and development processes helps improve their skills and prepare them for career progression in your company.

How our engagement tools for hospitality boost performance, productivity and your eNPS score

When managing multi-site hospitality businesses, it isn’t easy to monitor how your employees are feeling or performing from one day to the next. But if you’re out of touch with teams on the ground, how can you implement a people engagement and employee motivation strategy to help them progress in your company?  How can you build a positive company culture that stands out from the rest? 

With Engagement by MAPAL you can:

Manage the employee experience
Set up and manage peer profiles, set up notifications and alerts, customise dashboards and analytics and personalise the app to suit your brand.
Improve internal communication
Create peer-to-peer chats, peer recognition, forums and channels for news and discussions, as well as a suggestion box to collect feedback and ideas – all in a branded mobile app.
Create or customise surveys
Request informal employee feedback, monitor engagement and conduct offboarding surveys – all of which helps boost your eNPS score.
Encourage peer recognition
Encourage colleagues to praise their teammates' efforts, providing valuable information for spotting those with potential for internal promotion.
Enrich 360° feedback processes
All feedback is stored and ready for your next round of performance reviews and serves as valuable contributions towards skills evaluations, and audit protocols.

Best-in-class employee engagement solution for hospitality businesses

360° feedback improves employee engagement and boosts retention

Improving the employee experience with our hospitality employee engagement solution reinforces your company culture and values, fostering team spirit. This easy-to-use app fits perfectly into your people strategy by integrating with other tools, requiring very little of your time. The result is a win-win for you and your team, as the tool helps you: 

Reduce employee turnover
Ensure your team feels heard, valued and more motivated
Increase employee happiness
You'll be boosting their confidence, and productivity as a result
Direct peer-to-peer recognition
This enriches your 360° feedback process to boost employee development
Improve your company’s eNPS score
Build your reputation as a good place to work and improve your recruitment perspectives
Enhance work climate
A good working environment is one of the main drivers of employee satisfaction
Reduce absenteeism
Improving employee wellbeing and motivation reduces depression, anxiety, and illness
Increase customer loyalty
An enhanced guest experience increases loyalty, and customers notice when people are passionate about their work
Increase sales
Motivated and well-informed staff upsell more easily, increasing your sales, and their tips

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