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WebinarThe power of improving employee experience in hospitality

Improving employee experience and team happiness are key to retaining talent, especially as it can cost up to 22k to replace a leaver. But increasing hospitality employee engagement also positively impacts your business as it also reduces absenteeism, improves productivity and the quality of service, which makes for happier guests and a healthier bottom line

Join our webinar and learn more about how Engagement by MAPAL and can improve the hospitality employee experience through four main pillars: 

  • Communication channels that are open, transparent and ensure everyone’s voice is heard 

  • Recognition programmes so your teams are given credit where it’s due 

  • Training and development for future career progression 

  • Feedback that increases motivation, builds confidence and improves performance 

Tune in to discover the power of engagement and people data 

Date: Tuesday, 24 January 

Time: 11am (UK) 


Elly Johnston

Global Accounts Director, MAPAL Group

Jaime Fernández de la Puente Campano

Founder of Engagement by MAPAL

Stuart Green

Inside Sales Director, MAPAL Group

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