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World-leading hospitality management systems

MAPAL technology is deployed in tens of thousands of sites in 54 countries. Our vision to become the leading global hospitality solution delivering game changing innovation to streamline and automate processes through owned and partnered solutions.

Experts in hospitality management software

MAPAL was founded by hospitality operators who still run operations today. In fact, most of our leaders and team come from the industry and have hospitality flowing through their veins.   

Trusted by the biggest and best

We work with the biggest and best brands. Our business management software already powers more than 45,000 sites in over 54 countries around the world. 


By hospitality, for hospitality

Our hospitality management systems are used exclusively by restaurants, bars, catering, and hotel operators, and we develop our product roadmap and features together.  

Making good operators great

Our case studies show that even the biggest and best can optimise their costs, profitability and enhance their work environment with our tools.  


Where tech meets hospitality

We unite hospitality, data, and tech leaders to create intuitive and smart hospitality solutions driven by current hospitality needs and   future trends.  

Success story

Fitzgerald increased team productivity by 12.1% with MAPAL Workforce

Discover how The Fitzgerald Burger optimised its workforce and increased sales while also maintaining company culture with Workforce.
The Fitzgerald Burger Company founders
See the Success Story