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Superpowered staff schedules and team management for restaurants

Our easy-to-use WFM app cures staff scheduling headaches fast and gives your team the flexibility they need


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Helping customers drive impact with our restaurant management software

Helping customers drive impact with our restaurant management software


Workforce management systems are a type of HR manager software that helps your managers save time. Shift planning is complicated and, when done on paper, can take hours of their time and often lead to mistakes and confusion. These tools will also help you take your employees’ preferences into consideration, balance part-time and temporary workers with your regular full-timers, as well as seamlessly manage timekeeping, holidays, leave and absences. 

Workforce management tools in the hospitality sector offer a range of features that help restaurant, bar, café and catering businesses to achieve perfect shift scheduling to improve productivity and optimise labour costs. They also help you and your team easily manage timekeeping, absences, holidays and other types of leave in real-time through our employee app, giving everyone flexibility and transparency for all. 

Choosing a people planner for your business can be daunting with so many options available. If you’re unsure of what to look for in shift planning software, then this article outlines the main features it should have. You can also book a call with one of our specialists who will listen to your specific needs and help you choose the right package. 

Workforce by MAPAL uses a powerful productivity optimisation engine with advanced algorithms. The tool sifts data from past sales patterns to forecast the perfect schedule in a few clicks. As a result, you’ll maximise revenue, minimise costs and improve service as Workforce takes every angle into account: forecasted sales, team availability and preferences, optimised deployment models and the applicable employment laws in your region or country. 

There are many shift planning apps to choose from, but if you run a hospitality business then Workforce by MAPAL is highly recommended. MAPAL OS was founded by hospitality operators and has created all its solutions specifically for restaurants, cafés and bars. They’ve been carefully designed to help you improve productivity and optimise costs while also delivering the best service to your customers and keeping your team happy and motivated. 

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