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Quality-assuring food safety checklist software for restaurants

Complying with operational, brand and food safety standards has never been simpler with our easy-to-use digital checklist app 


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Helping customers drive impact with our restaurant management software

Helping customers drive impact with our restaurant management software


Restaurant, hotel, café, bar and catering operators are particularly affected by legislation and have to comply with a whole host of regulations to ensure customers and teams are safe. Compliance requirements apply to all kinds of activity from food safety to GDPR and consumer protection to equality and diversity, to name a few.  

As we’ve already touched upon, the range of different regulations we must meet as hospitality operators is quite extensive, but we’ll outline some of the main areas here: 

Alcohol licensing 

In many countries, including the UK, premises that sell alcohol must have a licence to do so. What’s more, they must also have always at least one employee on duty who is a personal licence holder

Food safety 

Businesses of all kinds must make sure they provide safe conditions for their teams and their guests. As hospitality is largely based on food and drink, food safety in hospitality, it's vital to implement a food safety management system to avoid contamination, food poisoning or allergic reactions among guests. Faulty temperatures on fridges, cold rooms or display cabinets can often result in food poisoning, or food waste, so having robust operational checks in place is critical to avoid undesirable incidents, fines or damage to your business reputation. Paper-based procedures systems often fall short and are excessively time-consuming when you’re short-staffed, which is why multi-site restaurant brands are increasingly turning to digital compliance management systems 

GDRP and data 

We process a huge amount of data in our daily transactions with customers, suppliers and also, employee payments. So, it’s essential to comply with data protection laws with every order, payment and invoice. This also applies to our marketing efforts, for example, when we request personal data to promote our goods and services. Read more about data compliance in restaurants here. 

Consumer protection and trade descriptions 

Like all businesses, hospitality operators must not mislead customers when describing their goods or services, including advertising, menu pricing or labelling information. So, when a restaurant advertises a specific dish, it must ensure that it is correctly described, that the photo matches the real thing, the price is correct, and that the customer will receive the same standards of food and service across all the company’s restaurants. This isn’t an easy thing to guarantee, so digital solutions are much more efficient in helping you achieve this to protect your business from legal action, your brand reputation and gain customer loyalty. 

Read our complete guide for more in-depth information and guidance on all the different elements in hospitality compliance for multi-site businesses

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