Mapal and Savvie: The next phase of our mission, retiring the app and what comes next

It’s an exciting time over here for Savvie, our users and an industry looking for smart solutions to tackle food waste, improve margins and harness intelligent technology to grow their businesses.

What’s the future of food waste reduction in hospitality? The short answer? It’s only getting brighter.

Dedicated people and technologies now make food waste reduction all part of the process of doing (great) business.

Savvie was created to help cafes and bakeries significantly reduce waste while reaching ambitious revenue goals.

During our journey, we’ve helped many businesses achieve those ambitions - but it’s time to embrace the next major step of our mission and reach even deeper into the hospitality industry to help more businesses to become environmentally responsible and profitable.

Savvie is retiring

We’re retiring the Savvie app and concentrating on embedding its capabilities into MAPAL OS.

From 29 January 2024, the Savvie will no longer be supported.

MAPAL OS is the market-leading suite of hospitality management systems. Spanning the breadth of hospitality operations - from learning, to compliance, to workforce management, to menu, waste and inventory management - MAPAL OS makes technology work harder to provide a simpler and more effective way of operating, through single sign on, reporting and data analytics.

Mapal OS already has a leading food inventory management solution in Easilys. Savvie users will find Easilys provides an enterprise-level fully featured tool with many familiar features including automated stock updates, paper-free processes and menu engineering.

Additionally, Easilys offers many new or expanded capabilities for Savvie customers, including menu engineering, integrated nutrition information, automatic food waste management and analysis, and site analytics.

What’s next?

Over time, we’ll continue to extend Easilys capabilities with Savvie’s innovative AI and predictive forecasting capabilities. If you’d like to keep in touch or help with that journey, click here to know more.

Even more excitingly, we plan to expand the Savvie smarts to the rest of the MAPAL OS. We’re looking forward to helping MAPAL clients to start unlocking more intelligent decision support for staff scheduling, shift management, learning and compliance planning.

This is an promising time for our customers and those who’ve not taken the leap in f&b waste management - and we can’t wait to work with you and other hospitality stars to expand and improve our solutions to the industry.

To find out more about how Easilys could help your food inventory needs, click here.