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Superpower hospitality scheduling, every time

Our powerful productivity optimisation engine uses advanced algorithms to find you the perfect schedule. Workforce management software helps you maximise revenue, minimise costs and enhance service delivery by considering every angle: forecasted sales, team availability, optimised deployment models and employment laws. 


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Hospitality workforce management system:

Built by operators

Workforce was built by hospitality, for hospitality, and is trusted by the biggest and best brands. 


Full integration with other tools

Workforce provides off-the-shelf interfaces with other EPOS, payroll and accounting software.


Built especially for multi-site operations

Our staff management software gives you clear visibility of your team and regional hierarchies, data structure, advanced reporting, and the ability to benchmark productivity.


Powered by AI technologies

Powerful algorithms help you optimise your budget and human resource planning in the hospitality industry. 

An enterprise workforce management software built for multi-site hospitality

Multi-site restaurant and hospitality businesses are a different beast from their independent counterparts. Most rota solutions are designed for the simplicity of single sites. 

We built our workforce planning software for multi-site operations from the very beginning. It offers you more robust team and regional hierarchies, data structures and advanced reporting.  

That’s why powerhouse brands trust us to help them manage sites across numerous countries in various languages. 


Team management
Manage sickness, lateness, overtime, contract, and leave and absence reporting.
Time and attendance
Record working hours with our user-friendly clock-in and out application with Smart-Hub fingerprint timeclock.
Track compliance, cost and team availability, customise deployment models and optimise staff with our sales forecasting tool.
Productivity optimisation
Plan and optimise holiday and seasonal staffing in advance, and superpower your scheduling with our labour optimisation engine.
Get real-time insights through our next generation reporting platform.
For your people, wherever they are.
Variable pay
Automatically calculate variable pay and bonuses across different countries and cities.
Manual control
Manage pay and conditions manually for specific cases, where necessary.
Labour quotas
Control different cross-border labour quotas, ensuring you comply with local labour laws and conditions.

Increase sales, improve service, reduce labour costs

The right people in the right positions. This old hospitality mantra is vital to ensure you succeed in delivering on your service promise, maximising every sale and staying within your labour budget. Our tools consider skills and competencies to achieve the best results. 

What can Workforce staff management software do for you?

  • Give you greater visibility and control of multi-site business units with multi-site and regional management levels.
  • Provide easy reporting and advanced insights, helping you make better decisions.
  • Enable you to work across regions and in multiple languages.
  • Supply you with powerful algorithms accurately predict labour requirements to maximise productivity and reduce costs.
  • Provide labour deployment templates to support site managers with schedule optimisation and help them make the right staffing decisions and improve service.

Happier staff, happier customers

Like all Mapal OS applications, our Workforce management software comes with a user-friendly app. Employees have they information they need at their fingertips, and in real-time, increasing their engagement and satisfaction. 

  • Improve your employees’ work-life balance through our shift generator that can optimise employee availability as well as streamline your business.
  • Avoid unnecessary overtime through labour optimisation.
  • Our easy clock-in and out function saves you and your staff time.
  • Employees get information quickly and easily on their mobile, increasing their engagement and sense of belonging.
  • Encourage team collaboration and support through mobile communication channels.
  • Personalised company branding helps you develop a stronger company culture within your team.

SmartHub by MAPAL

More than just clocking-in and out.

We have integrated the power of our workforce management tool into a new timekeeping device. This new device integrates perfectly with our Workforce application and our engineers have designed it to withstand the toughest conditions in kitchens and front-of-house.

SmartHub enables your team to clock-in and out with their fingerprint or via QR code through our app, and on their own device.  Our sophisticated technology prevents employees from clocking in before their shift starts, helping you ensure you comply with working regulations. 

Managers can also use our PULSE team surveys feature to keep track of how their team is feeling before or after their shift, which has been especially popular during the pandemic.


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Success story

Burger King

"Thanks to the schedule optimisation, we reduced labour costs to 21% in one of our restaurants. Labour costs in our restaurants are among the most optimised of all French Burger King franchises. Workforce is simple, adapted and brings results"
Burger King France franchisee
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