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We spoke with Hannah Plumb, Talent and Culture Director at The Alchemist, a creative cocktail bar with 23 locations across the UK. Watch as she explains her experience with Flow Learning, and discover how The Alchemist revolutionised its training processes with Mapal OS, achieving brand consistency, enhanced engagement and seamless integration through customisable, user-friendly tools!

The challenge 

Before the switch to Mapal OS, The Alchemist relied on outdated methods like paper test packs, which were cumbersome and inefficient. Consistency in training across multiple venues was difficult to achieve, leading to variations in service quality.

The previous training system lacked customisation, making it hard to align with The Alchemist’s brand identity. Additionally, delays in updating training content due to reliance on external support further hindered their ability to maintain up-to-date and engaging training programsfor their staff.

The solution 

By offering a customisable, digital training solution, The Alchemist was able to replace cumbersome paper test packs. The Mapal OS platform enabled them to create branded, consistent training content across all venues, ensuring uniform service quality.

The ability to quickly update training materials based on team feedback increased engagement and relevance. Additionally, the user-friendly mobile app allowed staff to access training on-the-go, integrating seamlessly with existing systems and improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the training process.

Experience has really improved with Flow because it's an app that works. It doesn't time out all the time. It's integrated with all our systems and it's our venue on operations."

Hannah Plumb, Talent and Culture Director at The Alchemist

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A unique concoction for a unique experience

For a company like The Alchemist, having solutions like Mapal OS is crucial for maintaining brand consistency, ensuring high service standards, and improving operational efficiency. These solutions help streamline training, making it more engaging and accessible, which is vital for a brand known for its innovative and high-quality customer experiences.

This consistent and effective training ensures that every venue upholds The Alchemist’s unique brand identity and service quality, reinforcing their USP of creative cocktails and exceptional service, ultimately enhancing overall business performance and customer satisfaction.