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The LMS training platform created by hospitality, for hospitality

Flow Learning offers you the best of both worlds: an easy-to-use LMS training platform with clear dashboards for managers, and a fresh and engaging mobile app, especially for your employees. See our LMS features below. 

MAPAL One: your one-stop-shop for employees

MAPAL One: your one-stop-shop for employees


LMS is short for learning management system, a software application providing a framework for digitising your hospitality training programme. It's the place for hosting, managing and your staff training. 

The first kind of LMS is hosted by the company, which requires IT and coding capabilities, owned servers, etc.; the other is a cloud-based solution, like Flow Learning, which is a virtual service paid for monthly or annually and requires no technical expertise from your company. 

If you use a cloud-based solution like Flow Learning, all technical maintenance and support is taken care of by us, and you only need to worry about managing and assigning content. You can even create your own content if you wish, find out more about that here. 

It’s important to decide what LMS features your company needs before choosing hospitality training software. If you’re not sure, get in touch and our team will help you to find a plan that suits your brand. However, as technology changes fast and our learners are increasingly more digitally advanced, we recommend you choose a system that offers the following features: 

A  simple dashboard where managers can easily assign learning, monitor progress, get quick reports and smoothly manage team communication channels. 

Mobile-friendly employee app with everything employees need, and with an attractive interface for maximum engagement.  

Short, engaging learning resources that employees can complete quickly and on-the-go: vital for busy hospitality teams. 

A variety of media including video, audio, gamification, quizzes, etc. 

Content creation tools that enable you to create your own resources to suit your brand, if desired. 

Integrationwith your other HR platforms for a 360º people strategy 

Integration with your appraisal programme to promote a valuable and meaningful employee experience  

Career planning features that are designed to spot, inspire and develop your potential leaders into future management positions. 

Flow Learning platform: LMS features for managers

Flow Learning platform: LMS features for managers


Real-time, high-level reports in one click. Drill down to monitor performance at site or employee level. 

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