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Smooth-operating asset management software for hospitality

Take the headache out of managing equipment, fixtures and fittings with MAPAL's facilities management software for hotels and restaurants


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Asset management software is a tool that helps businesses and organisations monitor and manage their equipment, fixtures and fittings, avoiding time-consuming and unreliable manual processes. This kind of software is vital to ensure that your premises, employees and customers are safe and that you can guarantee the smooth running of your day-to-day operations. 

Optimise costs 

Using this kind of software helps you maintain and repair equipment, fixtures and fittings regularly so that they last longer. By doing so, you’ll be saving a lot of money on random repairs or replacing things which could be avoided if they are regularly serviced. Your assets sometimes need to be replaced because of loss or theft, and a facilities management system will help you keep better track of them to prevent this happening. 

Save so much time 

Smaller companies or those just starting out may manage their assets on an Excel spreadsheet. But as soon as you start growing and open multiple sites, controlling all maintenance and repairs can become much more complicated, taking up too much time. Asset management software like Facilities by MAPAL will also avoid those human input errors that are commonplace in spreadsheets, making for slicker processes all round.  

Accuracy and detail 

No more scratching around looking for the right paperwork when you run into a problem. Facilities by MAPAL knows where your equipment is, information about the user and what condition it’s in, helping you stay in control. It also stores all equipment, maintenance and supplier information so you can find what you need instantly in a click. Your SLAs, invoices and purchase orders, all in a single platform. 

Easier auditing process 

Stay compliant with confidence and be ready for audit at any time. No more running around in preparation when you know exactly where everything is, and you have a better chance of resolving issues when they arise.  

Consistent service 

It’s frustrating for our teams to have to explain that guests can’t have that coffee because the machine is broken, and disappointing for guests to hear it. Using facilities management software significantly reduces the risk of this happening, ensuring your service and standards are maintained, and your guests stay happy. 

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