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Put simply, business analytics involves taking historical business data and processing it to reveal trends, patterns, and root causes.  

Business intelligence software takes your business data and presents it to you in easy-to-understand dashboards, graphics, reports and charts. This software helps you access different types of data from historical and current, in-house and third-party sources through integrations with other systems. You can then analyse this information to gain insights into your business performance and to help you make better decisions. 

An in most sectors, analytics for restaurant are vital for successful leadership in hospitality. Human-led, manual data analysis can no longer compete with the speed technology can deal with the vast quantities of data we have at our fingertips today. Having robust software for analytics for restaurants is essential to help you optimise everything from sales to productivity and menus to opening hours. These tools help you find answers to your questions and base your decisions on real data. They help you predict future trends and outcomes, fostering proactive decision-making and more efficient risk management. In today’s fast-paced society, using business intelligence software is fundamental if you want your business to thrive and adapt in our ever-changing business environment. 

Analytics tools will give you the best results of you integrate them with your other business software. That way, it can pull data from the different areas of your operations to generate cross-business scenarios. For example, by integrating Analytics by MAPAL with our Workforce solution, you can cross-reference peaks and lows in sales with the team schedule – even down to half-hour time periods - to see how you can best adjust shift plans to maximise revenue in the future. In the same way, MAPAL’s Analytics features can be integrated with all MAPAL OS hospitality back-office management solutions, including inventory and supply management, standard operating procedures, team learning and development, online reputation and facilities maintenance software. The possibilities for data analysis are endless when using Analytics as part of the MAPAL OS ecosystem. 

Here’s a summary of the benefits of using business intelligence software: 

Accurate reporting that’s relevant to your business 

Visual dashboards and customised reports, charts and graphics give you the most important data to help you make faster decisions.

Insights to key metrics 

Track your KPIs and see positive and negatives at a glance, to help you make the most of opportunities and avoid pitfalls before they happen. 

Stay ahead of the competition 

Benchmark against your competitors to gauge your performance in the market.

Accurate, quality data 

Business intelligence software sifts through and cleans up your data before analysing it to give you quality insights to help your business succeed. 

Improved operational efficiency and higher revenue 

Getting a holistic view of your business through data speeds up your decision-making, helps you implement improvement processes and strategies quicker. 

Enhanced growth patterns 

Accurate and real-time data gives you the foundation to identify market trends and help increase the company’s profit margins. 

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