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WebinarRevolutionising UK hospitality: tech solutions for team challenges  

In the dynamic world of hospitality, attracting, retaining, and growing teams can be a real challenge. At MAPAL, we're on a mission to revolutionize the sector.

Join our webinar where Bernardo Montero, Co-founder of Engagement by MAPAL, and Jonny Ballance, MAPAL Business Development Manager, who explore: 

  • Unveiling the essence of team care and training.
  • Unpacking the primary needs of businesses in the industry.
  • Diving into cutting-edge tech tools to tackle staff-related challenges.
  • Embarking on thrilling success stories with Flow Learning and Engagement by MAPAL.

Buckle up for a journey of innovation! 


Bernardo Montero

Co-founder of Engagement by MAPAL

Jonny Ballance

Enterprise Business Development Manager at MAPAL Group

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