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Kickstarting hospitality recruitment

Hospitality recruitment continues to be hampered by an unprecedented talent shortage. As the effects of the global pandemic linger, Brexit drives away potential European workers, and many in the industry look to other sectors for career progression and new opportunities. The need for effective recruitment and proactive talent retention has never been greater. 

Join our webinar Kickstarting hospitality recruitment, as our panel of experts explore the current hospitality recruitment landscape. From sourcing kitchen porters to appointing operational managers, we dive into:  

  • Talent retention 

  • Candidate expectations 

  • Career progression 

  • Recruitment techniques 

  • Company culture 


  • Krishnan Doyle, Managing Director, Core Recruitment
  • Jeremy Rawlinson, COO, Stint
  • Anna Moras, General Manager, Theatre Royal Bar
  • Host: Paul Wilkinson, MAPAL Group


  1. 8 June 2022 at 2PM (UK)

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