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WebinarTeam training in pubs: challenges and solutions"

Navigate the complexities of pub team training with insights from our targeted webinar. 

Join Theresa Mitchell, a seasoned Learning and Development Business Partner at JW Lees, and Andrew Barker, Business Development Manager at MAPAL OS, for an enlightening discussion on overcoming pub management challenges. This session will shed light on practical, tech-driven solutions, particularly how MAPAL's Flow Learning platform can be instrumental in enhancing team dynamics, performance, and customer satisfaction. 

This concise 30-minute webinar is designed to arm you with the strategies you need to improve your team’s effectiveness and boost your bottom line. 

What will you learn

  • Strategies to tackle common pub team training challenges
  • How to implement MAPAL's Flow Learning for effective staff development
  • The positive impact of targeted training on sales and customer service
  • Techniques for fostering a motivated, continuously learning team

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Watch the webinar here:


Theresa Mitchell

Learning and Development Business Partner, JW Lees

Andrew Barker

Business Development Manager, MAPAL OS

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