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WebinarCareer management in the hospitality industry

The hospitality sector is rich with potential career opportunities. However, career management strategies are vital for them to come to fruition and employers must have them in place so that employees can take advantage of them.  

In this webinar, Lucy Williams, Head of Learning and Development at Loungers, joins James McLuckie, MAPAL’s Chief Learning Officer, to discuss how businesses can develop hospitality talent to ensure the success of both organisations and the individuals working in them. 

Some of the areas James and Lucy address include: 

  • Which career management strategies work for hospitality? 
  • What are the main issues hospitality organisations face while nurturing talent? 
  • How can we develop a career management mindset in our employees? 
  • The importance of career mapping as an essential talent management tool for both employers and employees 

We hope you find it useful!


Lucy Williams

Head of Learning and Development, Loungers

James McLuckie

Chief Learning Officer, MAPAL Group

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