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Ana Valdés

Interfaces Engineer

Ana Valdés

What attracted you to working at Mapal Group?  

It's an important company in the hospitality sector which offers good solutions, indeed when you are working for them you can see all the hard work and dedication behind. 

Another thing that I like is that they are constantly working on growing the company, focussing on innovation and future prospects.  


What is your favourite thing about working with/for hospitality brands?  

I think it's a very friendly sector, all of us at any level we are involved in it and we spent a great time, it's a very important part of our society. 

Besides as a worker I have the opportunity to have a wider vision of it and I find it very interesting how it works all the structure. In fact, sometimes when I'm in a restaurant I can't stop analysing all the things around me. 


What restaurant technology trends are you most excited about? 

This is not new but first I want to mention the delivery apps, they have been a very good strategy to increase the type of sales and with the COVID situation we have seen their good impact. 

I also find very useful the "self service kiosks" installed in some restaurants. I remember the first time I use one of them, there was a long cue in the cashier so I use this system and it was very easy and fast. And all things coming, I'm a physicist with a passion for technology that's why I'm in this department and we will see the potential of it. 


What projects are you working on at the moment?  

In my daily day I work in the integrations department developing new interfaces based on business needs, monitoring and automating all these processes. 


What areas of your role give you the most job satisfaction? 

For me the most rewarding thing is to contribute to make easier the day by day job of our customers. 


Where do you see Mapal going in the future?  

I see Mapal in a very good position in the hospitality sector offering a very competitive service. 


What is the most important thing about your role? 

Adapt the client's needs to a data model and a process to obtain a standard product which adds value to all our clients.