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Hospitality tech solutions for hotel and restaurant marketing professionals

Staying on top of customer reviews is a full-time job. And with so many social channels, it can be difficult to keep up with what people are saying about you. At MAPAL, we already help thousands of brands preserve their online reputation through our AI-powered customer review management software. 

Reputation by MAPAL makes restaurant marketing professional lives much easier by:

  • Gathering customer reviews from all major online channels (Google, Tripadvisor, The Fork, Facebook, etc) in one simple dashboard
  • Enabling you to set up automatic responses for customers reviews with the help of AI
  • Respond quickly when you need to via our user-friendly mobile app
  • Benchmark your performance against your competitors
  • Spot issues and areas for operational or product improvement
  • Gain deep data insights into customer sentiment, trends and demographics through intelligent review and photo analysis
  • Delegate review management to different team members per site or region
  • Monitor response rates across all sites

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