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Please check out our FAQs. They cover our most common support inquiries and may speed up solving your issue.

Tips and tricks to get things running smoothly for you

For any issues logging in, we would recommend resetting your password in the first instance. This can be done here by typing in your email address and clicking the ‘send’ option.

Once you have reset your password, please use it to log in here.

If you are still experiencing an issue accessing your account, please contact our Support team using the form below and the ‘login assistance’ option to detail any error messages you are seeing.

If you have previously used Flow/Mapal One and are now with a new company that also works with us, you will need to ‘link’ your new profile to your existing account on our system before logging in.

The instructions for this will be included in the first email you receive from us – this will take you to the Mapal One website where you can ‘link’ your new profile.

Please note that the link will expire for security purposes, but you can request a new one by clicking the ‘resend email’ option when prompted.

Your manager can also resend the email to you if you cannot find the original email in your inbox.

If both of your accounts are active, you will see the ‘company switcher’ on Mapal One which allows you to switch between your profiles.

This is located at the bottom right-hand side of the screen on a web browser, and within the ‘more’ menu on mobile devices.

If you are experiencing any issues with this, please contact our Support team using the ‘account verification’ option in the form below.

If you are having trouble completing one of our modules, we would recommend checking your progress to ensure that all sections have been completed and all components have been interacted with.

The menu can be accessed either through the home icon at the top right or the ‘back to menu’ icon at the top left (depending on the style of module you’re working through).

For modules with an assessment, please note that you must obtain the relevant pass mark.

If you have successfully completed all sections and passed the assessment (if applicable), please use the form below to contact our Support team using the ‘Module Completion’ option.

If you have previously completed training with us and have moved to a new company that also uses Mapal One, you can request a transfer of your training records through our Support team.

You can also request a copy of your certificates if you no longer have access to your account.

Please fill out the contact form below using the ‘Certificates/Transfers’ option and a member of the team will be in touch shortly.

To help us find your profile(s) quickly, please provide your name, email address(es) used for Mapal One, and the name of your previous/current employer.

Please contact for any queries relating to payments.

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