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Free MasterclassTake a Bite: Learning by resources not courses

Not every learning solution has to be a course. Sometimes, in fact most times, what’s needed is something short and targeted. A resource that helps learners to do what they need to do, at the point at which they need to do it. That is more likely to be a short video, a simple top tip, or a checklist, rather than a 45-minute e-learning module. Join Flow Learning’s Chief Learning Officer, James McLuckie, as he shares his 15 years' experience of developing bite-sized learning content.  

James will cover:
  • How we got into a ‘course fits all’ cycle and how we can get out of it.
  • Principles to follow to create great bite-sized resources.
  • A breakdown of the resource types that are best for different circumstances and how to start developing them.
  • Why it’s important that we shift our focus from learning to performance.
  • Why there will always be a place for courses - so long as we keep them in their place!

James McLuckie

Chief Learning Officer of Flow Learning

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