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Discover the breadth of our extensive library of learning resources and training courses covering all aspects of the hospitality industry. Choose from our ready-made resources, customise them to meet your needs, or author your own. The options are endless. 


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Flow LearningMeet your business objectives through engaging hospitality learning resources

Flow’s comprehensive learning resources are the perfect partner for your hospitality training strategy. Ensure your team is well-trained, motivated, meet both their own and the company’s objectives, and stay with you for longer. 

Dynamic and engaging
A dynamic design and interactive learning format that engages your team and makes learning not only relevant, but fun.
On the go
Our mobile-first approach makes our resources accessible from all browsers so your team can learn at their own pace, and through our MAPAL One app..
Fully compliant
Our individually designed modules are fully endorsed and fully compliant with ever-changing industry legislation and standards.
Always evolving
Our modules are constantly being updated in line with new developments, and to adapt to your specific needs.

Our Modules

An extensive range of modules and bite size learning resources designed to inspire, educate and upskill.


Hotel and restaurant compliance regulations are constantly changing. Our compliance modules help you ensure your team’s fire, health and food safety training as well as data privacy, diversity, inclusion and equality, disability, sexual harassment and more. 

  • Health & Safety Level 1&2 
  • Food Safety Level 1&2 Training 
  • Food Allergens 
  • First Aid Awareness 
  • Data Privacy & Data Privacy Foundations
  • Workplace Sexual Harassment 
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Equity
  • Cellar Management 
  • Working in a Kitchen
  • Disability Awarness
  • PCI Data Security Standards 
  • The Fire Marshal 
  • Legionnaires' Disease


Flow Learning’s alcohol licensing learning resources ensures employees serving alcohol know their responsibilities, best practices and how to handle conflict situations and incidents at your venues 

  • Licensing England and Wales
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol (ROI)


Hospitality can be a fast-paced business, involve unsociable hours and risky situations. These resources will help you safeguard employee wellbeing in the mental and physical sense, as well as ensuring the safety of your guests. 

  • Mental Wellness
  • Staying Safe and Sound
  • Desk Space Ergonomics 


Your business success depends on the quality of the guest experience. With these modules, you can be sure your team have the tools and the confidence to perform to the best of their abilities. 

  • The Bartender
  • Cask Ale 
  • Coffee 
  • Creating Cocktails 
  • Customer Service 
  • Service that Sells 
  • The Waiter 
  • Wine 


These modules enable you to provide essential training for hotel staff in the different service areas, as well as encourage them to be vigilant to spot undesirable practices and deal with complex situations. 

  • Anti-Modern Slavery
  • Anti-Modern Slavery for Managers
  • Guest Service 
  • The Housekeeper
  • The Receptionist
  • Five Essentials for Retaining Hotel Talent
  • Four Steps to Better Hotel Recruitment
  • Creating Great Guest Experiences
  • Sustainability in Hotels


Our restaurant training modules have been specifically created for the nuances of working in the food service sector to help you offer the best service and get the most out of your business

  • Restaurant Revenue Managment

Road to Recovery

Challenging times call for creativity and resilience. These helpful resources will hopefully give you food for thought for increasing revenue, how to successfully diversify your business and deal with conflicting situations. 

  • 4 Ways to Build Revenue
  • Takeaway and Delivery Success
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Your Smile Shines Through

Café Culture

Great coffee is only the half of it! There’s so much more to a smooth operation and we’ve got you covered in out coffee shop training modules, including food safety, allergens, service...and of course, a specialist course about coffee. 

  • Food Allergens 
  • Coffee 
  • Counter Service 
  • Food Safety Level 2
  • Health & Safety Level 1 

Quick Serve Restaurants

Ensure your QSR team are fully compliant and up to date. These compliance modules have been specially tailored to quick serve restaurants: venues with working environments and processes that are different to other types of restaurant.

  • Food Safety: Level 1 (QSR)
  • Food Safety: Level 2 (QSR)
  • Health and Safety: Level 1 (QSR)
  • Health and Safety: Level 2 (QSR)
  • Food Allergens
  • First Aid Awareness


Our pub and restaurant management training modules will help you nurture successful leaders. With everything from cellar and bar stock control to data privacy and employment law, they’ll be well-equipped for a range of daily tasks. 

  • Bar Stock Control 
  • Cellar Management for Managers 
  • Effective Teams 
  • Employment Law 
  • Food Safety for Managers
  • Data Privacy (previously GDPR)
  • Introduction to Management 
  • Leadership 
  • Recruit the Right Person 
  • Pre-entry Training for Publicans

Personal License Holder (PLH)

All businesses serving alcohol need someone with personal licensing training on their team. These resources offer them all the knowledge they need to obtain a license as well as refresher modules for those who already do. 

  • Award for Personal Licence Holders (APLH) - England & Wales
  • Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (SCPLH)
  • Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (SCPLH) - Refresher

Kitchen Management

Our kitchen skills resources are ideal for those already working in a kitchen, or to cross-train other team members to cover when the need arises. 

  • Essential Cooking Skills
  • Essential Prepping Skills
  • Cooking up a Great Kitchen Team (team building for managers)
  • The Kitchen Brigade (team collaboration for kitchen staff)
  • How Safe are you in the Kitchen?
  • Sustainability in the Kitchen


Commission your own hospitality learning content

You’ll have access to all of Flow’s specialist learning content, covering most of the essential hospitality knowledge requirements. On the other hand, you may want something different but don’t have the resources or the time.  

Leave it to us. We can work with you to adapt or create fully bespoke learning resources with gamification, dynamic content or animation features: whatever suits your business and language needs. Our learning resources are perfectly suited to support all in-house learning and will fit in with your blended learning approach. 

Take control and author your own learning resources

Become more independent and create your own content with our easy-to-use templates and powerful tools. We offer two different authoring solutions that give you the flexibility to you to meet your business objectives while supporting the team to develop themselves. 


Module builder

Build content with our attractive, ready-to-use templates and create your own training material when you need it. Our  module builder is attached to the Flow Learning management system so you can slot the content in for the employees who need it. It gives you extra flexibility to add content while saving you time and the hassle of designing your own. 


Authoring tool

Become more self-sufficient with this fully customisable learning content creation solution, offering you a wide choice of modules to create quizzes, questions, add media, etc. Use ready-made templates or start from scratch, with the help of built-in hints and tips. The Evolve authoring tool creates content that is fully mobile responsive with no extra setup required. It’s also based on HTML5, making it fully accessible or the sight or hearing-impaired. 




Easy-to-plan learning that saves managers’ time 

Workbooks gives HR and L&D the tools to easily design staff training paths in line with company strategy. Move your paper-based training online and save on printing costs. Customise the information and updates your managers see, give them overview of their team’s learning and make appraisal time easy. They’ll spend far less time on training and more time on the floor generating business. 


Mobile-friendly learning that keeps your staff engaged and compliant 

Workbooks provide staff with a user-friendly interface that encourages their personal development, guarantees service standards, and improves talent retention. Our content is constantly evolving, ensuring your team is always compliant. Give them control over their own learning in the palm of their hand with our mobile-friendly training courses and create specific career paths to help hospitality stars shine brighter. 

Helping hospitality stars shine brighter

Access our extensive range of innovative and engaging learning resources, including a range of modules in bitesize formats, available in multiple languages.