Top 5 ways to maximise your platform when reopening

We have been blown away by the feedback to our reopening modules and are over the moon to be able to start visiting hospitality venues again. We want to continue to support you as best we can during this period so have come up with some useful ways you can be using your Flow platform as we exit lockdown.


1. Reopening Modules and Ongoing Training

In just one month over 400,000 Coronavirus modules have been allocated out to your teams. In addition to reopening modules many of you have issued refresher training in compliance and service to remind team members of the basics after almost 3 months off work. Regular ongoing training for returning teams and new members of staff will be crucial in an environment where classroom training has become more tricky.


2. Self declaration forms

Take advantage of noticeboard sign offs to send out self-declaration forms to staff who are going on shift, minimising face to face time needed for admin tasks. 


3. Module Builder Templates

If you have module builder enabled on your platform you will now find easy to use templates that can be edited to create your own business specific modules. Whether it's a welcome back module or ongoing mini modules to cover anything that comes up after reopening.


4. Communicate!  

As teams go back to work it's still important to be communicating as much as possible. With government guidelines changing daily, keep employees up to date with any changes. Share wins and best practices between sites to keep up motivation and ensure you are maximising any potential sales opportunities!


5. Appraisal Tool

Now more than ever it is important to check in with your staff and their mental health and well being. Why not schedule some short coffee chats via Flow or use the appraisal tool to survey your employee readiness to coming back to work?