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Monitor your online reputation

All your reviews in one place

One dashboard for all your reviews. We keep an eye on all major customer review platforms. Combine reviews from Tripadvisor, Yelp, The Fork, Google, Facebook and more in a single, easy to manage app.

Sentiment analysis

A reputation management software with an AI system combining the best of rule-based and machine learning approaches to accuratly detect trends in your reviews. We are able to identify context, sarcasm, emojis and cut through the noise to pinpoint the most relevant patterns.

Automatic review response

Fastest time-to-value with our models that assist in generating automatic replies for customer reviews. Our system will learn the more you use it, adjust the tone of voice and understand the context to provide personalised answers.

Analyse every picture

With our deep learning image recognition algorithms you will gain a high-level understanding of the most popular topics and sentiment of the photos your customers take. Our reputation monitoring software analyses photos from Google, Facebook, Tripadvisor and more!

Intelligent decision-making

Take action and make better decisions with your findings. Automate reviews responses and share quality reports with your team members.

Other features

Manage each aspect of your business and make faster decisions to keep one step ahead of the competition.


Understand from where your customers come from.


Competitor reporting

Insights to establish how you perform in relation to your competitors.

Trend analysis

Understand your performance and compare different time periods.


Collaborate and set custom permission levels as needed.


Restaurant rankings

Compare how your restaurants rank against each other.


Multiple locations

Track performance of all your restaurants in one single app.

Email alerts

Customizable daily, weekly, monthly alerts by emails.


Review translation

Connect with all your customers and understand their comments with automatic translation.

Exportable reports

Export data and reports in PDF and CSV format.

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