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Signed, secure, simple: Workforce digital signatures

Complete faster approvals and agreements with Workforce’s new digital signature feature, designed to organise, speed up and improve the security of your staffing and training processes.

From contracts, to timesheets, and any documentation in between, we’ve partnered with Signaturit to enable Workforce customers to sign documents with advanced electronic signatures.

See Workforce eSigning in action

Want to see eSigning in action? Watch this short (3 minutes) video on the new eSigning feature in Mapal's Workforce Suite
Spanish and English subtitles are available


Currently the new e-signing feature is available to all Workforce and Workforce Suite customers at no extra charge. However you must pay for the signatures you use. You will receive 10 free signatures per month at no cost to start your usage.

We recognise that every customer e-signing needs are different. You can commit to an annual subscription for a monthly signature allowance with as few as 50 signatures per month across your organisation.

If you need or want more you can purchase additional signatures.

Workforce customers can configure e-signing to support staff, contractors and suppliers as signatories. Only Workforce customers with the right permissions can send a document for signing.

Access is only needed if documents need to be sent for signing. Just signing a document does not need access to Workforce.

Every Workforce and Workforce Suite customer receives 10 free e-signatures per month for the duration of the subscription. Unused signatures do not roll over to the next month

No. Customers cannot currently rollover unused signatures.

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