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Your MAPAL journey starts here

Everyone at the MAPAL Group is passionate about hospitality. Our mission is to empower our customers do more of what they love, even better. Our teams are diverse, each with specialist skills but with hospitality running through our veins, whether in technology and learning solutions, data science to customer success. If you share our enthusiasm, you’re in the right place. 

ValuesOne vision, one company, one team.

Why work with us?

We pride ourselves in being a small but growing global team. You’ll be joining an enthusiastic group of people who love what they do and have fun while they do it. 

What do we offer?
  • Exciting development opportunities.
  • A diverse cultural team across different locations.
  • Benefits scheme offering discounts on a range of goods and services.
  • A forward-thinking organisation with a positive can-do culture.
  • A fun place to work among like-minded hospitality professionals.

Recruitment process

We like to make our recruitment process to be as pleasant and straightforward as possible. The first step is to apply for your ideal job via our website or through our LinkedIn page. 

Equal opportunities

MAPAL is a diverse and multi-cultural group with teams and offices across the world. We embrace the differences and welcome you, independent of race, creed, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, national origin, disability, age, marital status or any other basis protected by law. 

We are committed to complying with all national and local laws in relation to non-discrimination and equal opportunities. 

Meet the team

Char Bennett

Learning Solutions Manager

My role at Flow is to create digital solutions for our clients which are based on their face-to-face training materials. This might mean turning aspects of the training into gamified modules, other bits could be short snaps of info with quizzes or checklists, whereas other areas may require more ongoing interaction from the trainees which means we would create it in an online workbook where they can feedback to their managers. 

Javier Ramirez

Software Engineer

My performance at MAPAL is to be a piece of the team that we form, each one of us is a key piece, but at the same time we are nothing without the team. The secret in MAPAL is not anyone in particular, it is the set, the team. As long as this is present, everything will continue to flow. 

Elsa Dang

Marketing & Communications Director

I was marketing director at Easilys f&b since 2018 before the company became part of the MAPAL Group in June 2021. Today, I have the chance to continue my role as marketing director within the group. It is very exciting to manage more people, with different cultures and backgrounds, based all over Europe.

Sergio Hidalgo

Product Owner

I was attracted to working at MAPAL because I’m excited to work with products that are using artificial and business intelligence, as I think that all forward-thinking companies are embracing AI. Additionally, I was really impressed by the group’s client list and am excited to work with such amazing companies.   

Rocio Lopez

Customer Success Consultant

After working for several years in the operational part of the hospitality industry, entering Mapal seemed like a good opportunity to take a step further. Here we work in detail on the management and productivity of different types of operations, taking into account the multiple cases. It is very enriching to see the sector from different perspectives. 

Harry Bennett

Head of Sales UK

Best thing about working with hospitality brands is The passion and energy of the people within it has always been the most amazing thing about it, with the hours they put in and the hard work but also the innovation of the industry. 

Bethany Paterson

Learning Experience Manager

The team at Flow is super duper talented, and with the MAPAL partnership I think there's a serious opportunity for us to be leading edge. I'm excited to be able to get my hands dirty and make sure that we’re creating great learning experiences for trainees and making sure that we check all the boxes for the hospitality industry.    

Rémi Mathurin

Director of Customer Success France

In 2018 I was working in another company where I was consulting for big HR technology projects - mostly implementing new technological systems in these companies. 

Stuart Graham

Product Owner

I like to describe my job as the conduit between business and technology. So I will sit within the product delivery team with all the techies but I will go out and talk to our customers, our own customer success team, and the sales team to know exactly what the customer needs and wants are so I can start to put things into our product roadmap.

Ana Valdés

Tech Lead

I studied physics at university, I’ve always been into sciences, IT and more technical areas and I love discovering how things work. Only 20-30% of my fellow students were women and while that’s increasing now, women are still the minority in this area. But in MAPAL you’re just valued for your experience, independent of gender.

Inés Durruti

Global Head of UX/UI

I coordinate the user experience for all MAPAL products, managing all teams transversally to guarantee user experience when platforms are created. I ensure that they’re user-friendly, practical, and visually attractive.

Leo Espouy

Head of Inside Sales

I manage the UK inside sales team, creating new business and speaking to new hospitality companies about our technology solutions to help them improve. I love being out there talking to customers and especially seeing them getting back to normal after the pandemic.

Marie Österholm

Head of Customer Success Nordics

I started as the customer success manager and then switched to onboarding new clients when the company joined MAPAL. Today I am in charge of customer success, and I oversee a small team of onboarding and support.

Adewale Ayedun

Scrum Master

I work MAPAL’s Compliance product and manage a team of six developers who are based in the Ukraine, but I’m one of twelve people in the wider Compliance product team with other teammates based in Sweden and Edinburgh.