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DOWNLOAD YOUR WHITEPAPER Finding talent when everyone is hiring, and no-one is looking for a job

In June 2022, MAPAL Group and COREcruitment conducted a Talent retention and hiring survey among hospitality businesses, large and small.  

Our respondents revealed they still needed to fill 16% of their vacancies at that time. What’s more, results showed that staff retention has also decreased from an average of 60% to 55%. 

While creating this whitepaper, we also consulted industry leaders to gather best practice tips and strategies for finding talent in a competitive market where candidates are scarce. 

Download the whitepaper to see the full results and:

Learn about the current state of recruitment and retention in our sector
Find inspiration on where to find new sources of talent
See how to redesign your hiring and onboarding process for retention
Read tips for improving engagement and helping employees develop and progress
Discover how to improve your employer status
Reflect how you can change operations to tackle the talent crisis

Download the whitepaper


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