“It's all about training and routine”


Glenn Lundkvist from Kristianstad started working at a 7-Eleven store in Stockholm six years ago and in 2017, he decided to take the step and acquire his own store within the franchise chain. His store in Stockholm has today, two years later, the best GetCompliant execution rate out of all the 7-Eleven stores in Sweden.

We contacted Glenn because we wanted to find out how he has worked to implement the application in the store. To achieve such a high execution rate you have to finish the checklists in the application and all the tasks on time. According to Glenn, this success comes from training and routine.

- As a store owner I bear the responsibility to educate my co-workers. I teach them that we have checklists and that we follow them. It’s not an option not to because it’s part of the job. This way, everyone knows what’s going on in the store, which tasks are finished, and which tasks are still to be done.

Glenn explains that when they started working with GetCompliant, all employees were trained in how to use it. It is now expected that they follow the checklist and the application’s other functions on a day to day basis. If a new person is hired, Glenn ensures that they are trained straight away with GetCompliant so there is no excuse not to use it.

For Glenn, it is important that his employees use GetCompliant because it is a key element in how they stay organized. They know if the coffee machine needs cleaning, or if the freezer temperature needs adjusting because it is all documented in the application. Prior to GetCompliant, they had a folder to keep track of all the information needed for the store.

- It was very impractical. It was easy to miss something and it was annoying having to print everything out all the time. Now, we don’t need paper anymore which is nice, and it is also good for the environment, explains Glenn.

To make it easier for the employees to use the application, a tablet was purchased. The handy device has allowed them to input information without using a desktop computer. This makes the employees more likely to enter the information on time because it is so quick and easy.

- A really good investment!, Glenn calls it.

Glenn highlights the importance of making the system part of the job. He explains that everyone in his store knows that they should follow the checklists because that is what is expected of them. Just as it is in their job description to refill any products when required, it is in their job description to use the checklists in the GetCompliant application.

- Everyone follows the checklist, so our co-workers know which tasks need to be completed at any point during the day. It’s just the way it is, it’s not harder than that, says Glenn. In essence, by not presenting the system as voluntary or an extra chore, but rather as part of the daily routine, it is only a matter of time before employees do not even think about using it anymore; they just do it.

Lastly, we want to thank Glenn for sharing how he makes the most of our product. We are incredibly impressed with how he implements the application in his store, and hope to see him on top again next year.