Espresso House saves US$890K yearly with data-driven operations


Espresso House is the largest and fastest-growing coffee chain in the Nordics with over 450 coffee shops in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Germany. They are also really, really good at running a chain. Things get done, results are followed up and measures are taken immediately to rectify deviations.

With the help of GetCompliant’s mobile operations and self-check platform they have managed to grow their business by two-fold, while also achieving time-savings worth US$890 K a year.

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Fast increase the establishment rate Costly overhead HQ, RM, DM Secure the guest experience


Digitize daily operations and self-check One solution used by interns and CEO alike


Time savings worth US$890 K/year

From 180 shops in Sweden to 440 shops in five countries From US$72M to US$189M turnover


#1 - Everyone in the service office spends a lot of time in service reality. Everyone. Often.

Every coffee shop gets a visit by a district manager and a representative from the service office once a month, who together do a "customer journey". The immediate result is astounding; everyone gets to see the reality "on the floor" and at the same time, expectations on what should be promised to the guest can be continuously calibrated between shop manager, district manager and service office. This is an unusually good quality hour spent every month.


#2 - Follow-up is for real

During the monthly visits, the shops are measured by how well they fulfil Espresso House's guest promise. 80% of the measurement points are the same every month, and 20% change depending on the focus area of the month. When the visit is done, everyone in the shop gets results straight away. Take a quick guess whether these results are taken seriously!


#3 - Service needs a central hub  — everyone works in the same tool

Espresso House has high demands on implementation and follow-ups. At the same time, they want to make sure baristas, shop managers and district managers can spend as much time in service and as little time doing admin as possible.

With operational needs in mind, they have gathered as many as possible of the daily, weekly and monthly tasks in one digital and mobile tool. When the CEO and the barista use the same tool and can see (almost everything) in real-time - the distance between the floor and the service office decreases while control, efficiency and uniformity is achieved.