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Helping hospitality leaders achieve goals through technology

MAPAL was founded by hospitality professionals. We’ve been working with business owners, leaders, and senior executives for years to make our suite of back-office software solutions the best they can be. We know what’s important to you and the challenges you face, and that’s why we’ve tailored out solutions to bring out the best in your business. 

Here are some products we can help you with: 


  • Digitise your organisation's daily operational checks into smart devices, reducing the time your team spends on administration and giving them more time for your guests
  • Head office departments have visibility of company-wide compliance and quality levels, can extract and share reports, perform and compare audits, as well as having a record of all activities and issues when they need it
  • See KPI performance at a glance through a simple, clear and highly configurable dashboard
  • Monitor cleanliness and hygiene standards at all sites at the same time
  • Area managers can monitor compliance levels from a distance and act quickly to resolve or escalate unexpected issues
  • Digitise the organisation’s HACCP procedures so the entire team knows what to do and when
  • Task scheduler presents each individual team member with an easy-to-follow list they can complete quickly and accurately, which also speeds up onboarding
  • Digitise instructions, manuals and procedures, upload video material, use voice notes and store photos of incidents and initiatives for easy follow-up

Flow Learning

  • Specialist learning management platform created by hospitality, for hospitality
  • Create seamless onboarding processes with relevant learning modules to ensure new hires get up and running fast
  • Manage your team’s learning from a single, easy-to-use dashboard
  • Enjoy our extensive content library or create your own with our authoring tool
  • Bite-size learning through engaging and interactive media keeps teams motivated
  • Ensure your team have the knowledge and skills they need to deliver great service and upsell
  • Give your team full visibility with our engaging mobile app, MAPAL One
  • Create learning pathways according to job roles
  • Spot talent and offer career pathways to encourage internal promotion
  • Host performance reviews within the platform, with all the information at your fingertips


  • Schedule optimisation engine that enables you to generate perfect schedules in a few clicks
  • Plan rotas according to team availability, preferences and sales forecasts while reducing overtime costs
  • Optimise productivity during low and peak periods, holiday seasons, and when covering different sales channels
  • Workforce automatically manages labour quotas, plus variable pay and bonuses, but you can also take manual control when you need to
  • Offer your team full visibility through a simple mobile app with clock-in and out features, holiday and absence requests. They can also shift preferences enabling them to better manage their work-life balance
  • Easily manage absences, lateness and find last-minute shift substitutes when things don’t go to plan

Easilys f&b

  • Kitchen inventory management tool that helps you manage all suppliers in one place, monitor prices and minimise costs
  • Monitor traceability of your ingredients to comply with regulations
  • Comply with allergen and calorie labelling laws efficiently
  • Better serve guests with special dietary requirements through ingredient control
  • Measure plate waste and adjust portion sizes to save money
  • Guarantee that menus and dishes are consistent across all sites
  • Easily access all this information through a simple mobile app


  • Facilities management solution that gathers all your suppliers and service agreements in one place
  • Ensures your sites stay compliant and are prepared for inspections
  • Automatically notifies suppliers when maintenance is due
  • Anticipates failures and act before they become larger problems
  • Saves you money: prevention is cheaper than the cure of buying new equipment when things are beyond repair
  • Enables management to track, allocate, authorise, and connect via mobile, even when they’re on the go
  • Manages one property or an entire multi-site chain from one simple dashboard with insightful KPIs


  • Data analytics tool that gathers data from across your business to provide the valuable KPIs you need
  • Analytics’ open API means it integrates with all other MAPAL OS solutions and other IT systems to pull data from across your business
  • An easy-to-use configurable dashboard enables you to set and adjust KPIs, create groups and different criteria
  • Cross platform access gives you a valuable overview on the move, or more in-depth analysis via desktop
  • Monitor performance for one or more stores from the palm of your hand


  • Our customer review management platform gathers reviews from all major online channels (Google, Tripadvisor, The Fork, Facebook, etc) in one simple dashboard
  • Monitor KPIs and response rates across all sites
  • Gain deep data insights into customer sentiment, trends and demographics through intelligent review and photo analysis
  • Benchmark your performance against your competitors. Set up automatic responses for customers reviews with the help of AI
  • Respond quickly when you need to via our user-friendly mobile app
  • Spot issues and areas for operational or product improvement
  • Delegate review management to different team members per site or region

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