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What issues are you facing right now? "Accurate shift planning with multiple teams and sites"

My top priority is “Improve SOP efficiency through accurate shift scheduling”

How can accurate shift planning increase sales and productivity?

Shift planning in hospitality is a tricky business, and subject to a range of variables such as the flow of customers, fluctuating demand, etc. But it’s vital to ensure your restaurant is always adequately staffed with the right people in the right places. You need to avoid situations where you’re overstaffed (where you’re losing money) or understaffed (they may not be able to comply with SOPs, resulting in sub-standard operations and service levels). And worse, the pressure this puts on your team may lead to more overtime, a higher staff turnover ratio and, therefore, elevated recruitment costs. 

With more accurate rota planning, each team member can focus on doing their job well and enjoy doing what they love. The knock-on effect is a boost to productivity, better service, and an increase in sales. 

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