Free road to recovery learning resources to help you bounce back

In the coming weeks we will be releasing 3 new modules that have been designed to support your business on the road to recovery, and beyond. 

These resources have been developed in conjunction with our clients, recognising the key areas of support needed to survive and thrive through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. They are designed to help you maximise revenue and support your team with the difficulties the pandemic has created in service, when reopening. 

The modules will be made available for free to all our clients, and will be enabled on your account as soon as they are released.  

The learning resources include: 


1. 4 Ways to Build Revenue 

Designed for site leaders, to build knowledge of revenue generating and optimising techniques for now and the future, this module will cover: 

  • Attracting new customers 

  • Optimising venue capacity 

  • Increasing visit frequency 

  • Selling more to existing customers


2. Delivery Optimisation 

Designed for business and site leaders, to consider the ways they can maximise the opportunity of takeaway and delivery.  

This module will cover: 

  • Extending businesses into delivery channels 

  • Adapting offerings and processes to suit delivery 

  • Providing a quality and memorable customer experience 


3. Conflict Resolution  

A resource for all your site leaders and frontline team to help prepare them for those tough situations and conversations heightened by the current COVID restrictions. This module will cover: 

  • Identifying why conflict arises and how to minimise its impact 

  • Practical steps that can be taken to minimise conflict 

  • Personal skills needed to be able to deal with conflict 

  • Helping teams to deal with conflict  


You’re not Flow client yet and would also like to get access to the Road to Recovery content? 

Speak to one of our learning and development consultants about how learning management systems can help your business or discover all of the available modules here