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Helping HR hospitality professionals take better care of people

We work with people professionals and business owners like you to get the best out of your teams, reduce recruitment costs, improve retention rates, and encourage loyalty. 

Flow Learning

Your people are your best asset, and their learning and development plays a key role in your business success. Flow Learning will help you engage, train and motivate your team from day one, increasing satisfaction, retention and preparing your talent pipeline for the future.

  • Specialist learning management platform created by hospitality, for hospitality
  • Create seamless onboarding processes with relevant learning modules to ensure new hires get up and running fast
  • Manage your team’s learning from a single, easy-to-use dashboard
  • Enjoy our extensive content library or create your own with our authoring tool
  • Bite-size learning through engaging and interactive media keeps teams motivated
  • Ensure your team have the knowledge and skills they need to deliver great service and upsell
  • Give your team full visibility with our engaging mobile app, MAPAL One
  • Create learning pathways according to job roles
  • Spot talent and offer career pathways to encourage internal promotion
  • Host performance reviews within the platform, with all the information at your fingertips


MAPAL’s shift planning tool and powerful productivity optimisation engine uses advanced algorithms to find you the perfect schedule based on past sales. Workforce is your ally for forecasting sales, minimising costs, enhancing service delivery and ensure you comply with working time regulations. 

  • Plan rotas according to team availability, preferences, sales forecasts while always monitoring costs
  • Optimise productivity during low and peak periods, holidays and when covering different sales channels
  • Reduce overtime costs through our efficient scheduling tool
  • Time and attendance: your team can clock in and out from their mobile, or from our onsite Smarthub device. Ensure breaks are taken and limit overtime hours to streamline costs
  • Easily manage absences, lateness and find last-minute shift substitutes when things don’t go to plan
  • Workforce automatically manages labour quotas, plus variable pay and bonuses but you can take manual control when you need to
  • Offer your team visibility full through a simple mobile app with clock-in and out features, holiday and absence requests as well as submitting shift preferences enabling them to better manage their work-life balance

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