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Tech LeadAna Valdés

Tell us a little about your background

I studied physics at university, I’ve always been into sciences, IT and more technical areas and I love discovering how things work. Only 20-30% of my fellow students were women and while that’s increasing now, women are still the minority in this area. But in MAPAL you’re just valued for your experience, independent of gender.

I first came into contact with the hospitality sector when I joined MAPAL, and I always tell others that I work in a really “friendly” sector. Everyone loves going out to eat and drink with friends, family, to enjoy themselves, so it feels great to be part of something that provides moments of happiness and celebration.

What does your role at MAPAL involve?

I’m an integrations engineer and our objective as a team is to maintain the integration of data in different MAPAL platforms, as our integrations are the “bridge” for data between other systems and ours. I love working with data, graphics and dashboards, and solving problems. Discover the cause of the problem, why it happens and find solutions for the future.

What excites you most about the evolution and future of hospitality technology?

The thing about technology is that it never stops. And combined with the rapidly changing hospitality industry, it’s an exciting place to be. The way technology and business evolve together fascinate me, such as with the expansion of the dark kitchen and delivery concepts during the pandemic.

The future will be full of exciting new developments for everyone: customers, consumers, and technology companies like MAPAL: kiosks, for example, where we’ll be able to pick up food without queuing. This kind of technology on the rise, and AI also has much potential to revolutionise our customer experiences. I’m happy to be a part of MAPAL. here are some brilliant minds behind the company’s evolution and the future looks very promising.