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What issues are you facing right now? "Ensuring all sites comply with regulations for food safety in restaurants"

My top priority is “Enhancing the customer experience via high food safety standards”

What is HACCP and why is it important?

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. It’s a European food safety regulation that also applies to most food services business in the UK.  

A hazard is classified as anything that is dangerous, and a food hazard is something that could make food unsafe or unfit to eat. Whilst a fully-fledged HACCP system is not mandatory, you must have solid food safety management procedures in place and they should be based on HACCP principles. Maintaining high standards in all areas of food service will enhance the customer experience.

These principles state that you must identify potential risks in your business and make sure they are reduced or removed, ensure the system is being followed and a plan of action in case things go wrong. 

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