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What are recipes?

Our latest enhancement to the Flow MS is focused on enriching culinary training and e-learning, this is the new Recipes Management Feature. This new functionality streamlines the process of recipe creation and adjustment within educational and professional settings. It offers a user-friendly interface that allows training managers to compile reusable sets of allergens and ingredients. This streamlined approach facilitates the development of a comprehensive recipe repository, available for the employees on the new Recipe Book in Mapal One


What's the value?

For Educational Admins

  • Centralizes educational content, enabling the efficient organization and distribution of training materials, including recipes, preparation techniques, and presentation standards
  • Offers a structured way to include ingredient specifics in curriculum development

For Managers

  • Allows for the efficient creation and distribution of recipes, eliminating the need for constant verbal instructions or the risk of misinterpretation.
  • Track learners' progress, and provide immediate feedback, thus reducing the traditional barriers to effective training

For Employees

  • With the employee app, staff can view step-by-step preparation instructions, ingredient lists, and even presentation tips, all from their mobile device
  • It expands Mapal One's interactive learning experience and promotes engagement

Main features

Comprehensive Recipe Database
Trainers can create and upload recipes into a digital library, complete with detailed instructions, ingredient lists, and visual aids. This serves as a rich resource for learners to explore and master various culinary skills
Ingredients & Allergens database
Easily set up the basic pieces to build your recipes so that they can be reused and standardize throughout your repository.
Easy recipe creation process
Configure your recipe details and ingredients list and set up the step-by-step preparation process. Include as many steps as you want and incorporate visual aids such as images or videos.
Interactive Learning via Employee App
Learners can access assigned training modules, recipes, and tutorials through an app, allowing them to learn at their own pace and revisit materials as needed.

Do you have any questions?

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