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NEW FEATUREGroup Chat Admin

What is the group chat admin?

This new feature allows users to create and maintain group chats from within the Engagement platform.

What's the value?


  • Easy to build and manage group chats across the business from a central location


  • No admin necessary to add/remove users from group chats.


  • Automatically added and removed from group chats.

Main features

Create groups
Based on access levels within Engagement, per location/group of locations, based on Job title or based on Department
Add users
Any users added to the system via an automate payroll connection (or manually) will be automatically added to any group chats matching their location/job title/department parameters.
Remove users
Users removed from the system or that have moved location/job title/department will be removed from the group chats that no longer match their parameters.
Add admins
Multiple Administrators can be added to the group so that they can add and remove users through Mapal One if necessary, meaning that maintenance of the group can live both in Engagement and Mapal One.

Do you have any questions?

Contact us to let us know all your inquiries. Our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.