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NEW FEATUREChat Moderation

What is chat moderation?

This new feature allows users to monitor and action messages that are flagged in the Mapal One chat feature. Any messages that are flagged will be sent to a moderation queue to be actioned by an admin user within Engagement.

What's the value?


Safe Learning Environment
Ensures a safe and secure communication platform for learners, free from harassment and bullying.
Monitors Compliance
Helps admins ensure that all interactions comply with educational standards and policies.


Proactive Problem Resolution
Enables managers to address issues promptly as they arise, preventing potential conflicts or escalations.
Insight into Team Dynamics
Reporting features offer insights into communication patterns and potential issues within teams, helping managers understand team dynamics better.


Enhanced Safety
Employees can report inappropriate or harmful content, ensuring a safer workplace environment.
Encourages Accountability
The ability to report helps enforce accountability, ensuring that all employees adhere to the organization’s communication policies.

Main features

Suspend user on Channel
This temporarily blocks the user from that chat for 24 hours.
Suspend user globally
This temporarily blocks the user from all chats for 24 hours.
Remove channel ban
This removes any ban from the user.
Ban user globally
This prevents the user from using the chat feature.
This rejects the flagged message. To be used if a message was flagged incorrectly.

Do you have any questions?

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