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Free whitepaperThe Post-COVID playbook

Here in this playbook we’ve focused on creating a framework to help guide your thinking as we gradually begin to reopen our venues. We tried to find an answer to all the doubts in each of the different areas that you can come across when managing a restaurant. Our teams have been working hard with industry partners to make sure the advice we’re creating is industry leading and accurate.  

We’re sure you’ll find it useful and if you are looking for support with upskilling and instilling confidence in your broader teams we’d love for you to get in touch.  

Use our playbook as a guide when reopening your restaurant to ensure safety and wellbeing for your employees and customers. 

The playbook covers topics such as staff protection, customer service, and takeaways and deliveries and features case studies and insights from the likes of BrewDog, Food Alert and Oakman Inns. 

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