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Shine People and Culture Summit - Dubai 2023

Shine People & Culture Summit is an event organized by MAPAL OS to share ideas, information and experiences about the central element in every hospitality business: people.

The event was held on February 22 at Paramount Hotel Dubai and included talks and panels from hospitality leaders who shared their expertise on topics such as diversity and inclusion, company culture, team engagement and growth of internal leaders.


Panel: Selection and recruitment for the long term

Moderated by Sheila King

Panel: Human resources in hospitality - best practices

Moderated by Paul Webster

How to develop teams when expanding your company

Interviewed by Elly Johnston

Panel: Building our company culture

Moderated by Sheila King

Panel: Motivating and engaging teams

Moderated by Chris Clark

Panel: Building internal leaders

Moderated by Elly Johnston

KEYNOTE: Are your Diversity and Inclusion efforts truly sustainable?

Hosted by Chris Clark