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DebateEngaging teams in your company culture

Company culture is a top priority in any employee recruitment and retention strategy. In fact, a Glassdoor survey revealed that 78% of candidates would only accept a position if the company’s culture aligned with their own.  

How can you transmit that from boardroom to the floor? What’s the secret to motivating employees so they bring your values to life in the day to day of your business? 

Watch this webinar, Engaging teams in your company culture with Sheila King, Business Development Manager at MAPAL as she talks to guests Natasha Sideris, CEO of Tashas Group and David Singleton, Strategic Advisor at Orãculi, about their approach to this all-important area. 

Hear our experts’ views on:

  • How to define company culture and values
  • How can we ensure these culture and values trickle down from top to bottom in your organisation?
  • Best practices for involving our teams to ensure they transmit your culture to our guests
  • How can we show our culture to potential candidates?
  • What can we do to ensure our culture stays strong against the backdrop of high staff turnover?

David Singleton

Strategic Advisor at Orãculi

Natasha Sideris

CEO of Tashas Group

Sheila King

Business Development Manager at MAPAL Group


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