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Event Come to our next event in Stockholm!

The staff is the key to the success of any hospitality business, and sometimes it is difficult to attract and retain the best talent to be part of that success.

Therefore, on February 20th we invite you to come to Nordic Hospitality: retaining talent through employer branding.

The key topics will be:

Employee Retention Strategies in Hospitality: Leveraging Employer Branding

Join us to uncover challenges and effective strategies for retaining staff in the hospitality industry. Get inspired by real-world success stories, with a special focus on The Alchemist, a leading hospitality business that has excelled in staff retention through innovative employer branding!

Building a Strong Employer Brand in the Hospitality Sector

Immerse yourself in the importance of a robust employer brand. Acquire practical insights for creating and maintaining a positive brand image. Learn from The Alchemist's journey in building a formidable employer brand within the hospitality sector.

Engagement Solutions for Long-Term Employee Satisfaction

Discover innovative solutions, such as Flow & Engagement, that foster long-term employee engagement. Gain insights into cutting-edge technologies and methodologies shaping positive work environments. Hear firsthand from The Alchemist about their successful implementation of engagement solutions, contributing to a satisfied and loyal workforce.

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