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Why do our customers prefer Flow Learning LMS software?

The hospitality industry is changing, and we need to work so much harder to attract and retain employees. On the flip side, choosing the right hospitality LMS software partner means much of that hard work is done for you

So, if you’re wondering which solution is best for you, or maybe you already use one and it doesn’t quite meet your needs, why not check out Flow Learning? 

Our customers tell us they prefer our solution because

It’s mobile-first:
Engaging mobile learning resources means their teams are more motivated, better skilled and can prepare for internal promotion
Great UX/UI:
Intuitive and easy to use, it’s makes learning and development a pleasure for all
Easy reporting:
They can get the data you want, when they want it via our clear customisable dashboards
Much more than just compliance:
Our extensive learning resources library is packed with training on all kinds of hospitality skills
Customised content and branding:
Our customers love the fact that they can create any content they need with our professional authoring tool, and customise the employee app to help improve employer branding

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Improve productivity and efficiency. Without losing your soul.

Less paperwork and administration.

Our mission is to empower you to do more of what you love, even better.


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