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Your team and customers, safe and sound. 

Your team may run risks every day, often unintentionally: when working alone, leaving after a night shift, or commuting during the day. Even your customers may be at risk while at your venue. 

This learning resource enables you to support your staff by raising their awareness of risky situations. It will help them be more aware of the decisions they make or to know when a colleague or a customer may need protection. 

This module has four parts: 

  • Prioritising safety: raises your team’s awareness about protecting themselves and helps them make safer decisions about their safety when working or commuting. 

  • Recognising risks: alerts them to the possibilities of potential threats, how to respond and minimise the likelihood of them happening. 

  • Being vigilant: helps them observe customers’ behaviour, help them stay out of danger and now when to intervene. 

  • Keep it going: Encourage your team to speak out and seek help if they need it, with useful information and links to organisations and resources. 

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