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Free webinarDelivering on brand consistency in franchise operations

Watch this insightful webinar where James Hacon, CMO at MAPAL Group joins David Singleton, Strategic Growth Advisor & Franchise Expert at SOCIUS Group for a fireside chat. They discuss all things franchising and delivering on-brand consistency for franchise operators

What David and James covered:

  • Why consider franchising?
  • Is franchising for everyone?
  • What are the key qualifications of a business with good franchise potential?
  • Who are the masters of global franchising and why?
  • How can you deliver on brand consistency in franchise operations?
  • What tools are available to help on this mission?

David Singleton

Strategic growth advisor & franchise expert, SOCIUS Group

James Hacon

Group Chief Marketing Officer

James is an award-winning hospitality, marketing, brand and development strategist, having worked with various companies from Michelin restaurants and boutique hotels to multi-site restaurant and hotel brands. 

At MAPAL, James leads a multinational team responsible for marketing and industry engagement and drives the strategy for new market entry. He also supports the company's mergers and acquisitions activity, as well as product development. 

When dining out: Sushi or sashimi, or hearty food in a country pub

Favourite drinks: A pint of cider or ale, or a good red wine


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