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Customer Success ConsultantRocío Lopez

Tell us about your previous experience in the hospitality sector before joining the Mapal team.

From a very young age I combined my studies with hospitality jobs, and as I grew older I also did it professionally in different brands. It was at Starbucks where I learned the most. I entered as a supervisor and was later promoted to Store Manager. In addition, I had the opportunity to take charge of the opening of a new business in Mallorca, where I learned a lot by incorporating training responsibilities and human resources.


What did you learn working as a manager in hospitality?

Really when you start to have responsibility within the business is when you realize how important good management is to achieve the best result. This ranges from investing in staff (as well as not passing you), to having a trained and motivated team, which is ultimately the one who represents your brand image.


Has your previous experience in hospitality helped you as a consultant?

Definitely. The day to day of a consultant is to work hand in hand with the different profiles of the sector, from a manager who is starting to use the program to project shifts, to an Operations or HR director with whom we plan the integral management of the business from the implementation of GIRnet. Everything that I have learned throughout my years of experience in hospitality makes me know how to approach the different needs of customers.


Why did you decide to work at Mapal? What attracted you the most at the beginning?

After working for several years in the operational part of the hospitality industry, entering Mapal seemed like a good opportunity to take a step further. Here we work in detail on the management and productivity of different types of operations, taking into account the multiple cases. It is very enriching to see the sector from different perspectives.


How do Mapal solutions contribute to facilitating and optimizing customers' day-to-day life? What stand out the most?

There is no doubt that the control of personnel costs and the quality of the service are fundamental pillars of the success of the businesses in the sector. This directly implies the need to be more and more productive, without forgetting to give the best customer service. Mapal’s solutions are oriented precisely to this, to get the best out of the available resources, to analyze the existing reality and to plan goals. Having resources such as the shift optimizer is undoubtedly a plus to achieve goals.


How do you see the future of the digitization of the hospitality industry?

Mainly, necessary. It is true that it is a sector that has slowed down in this regard, but we are on the way. Hoteliers are increasingly aware of the importance of going to detail in business management, and this can only be given to us by digitized management, which provides us with an analysis that we cannot get to in any other way. In addition, it is a sector where the client is increasingly demanding, which requires being up to the task and of course, constantly evolving.

Where do you see Mapal going in the future?

Looking back at the past 12 months there have been many changes which I am very happy to have been able to experience. I wish Mapal will continue growing globally and at the same time keeping the “Mapal” mindset what for me means being hardworking, humble and customer oriented. In addition, I hope the company culture won’t change too much- I enjoy that everyone is accessible from the top management team, their door is always open.

I have a dream that Mapal Workforce will be number one workforce management provider in France in hospitality with the biggest market share. Everyone is accessible and I hope it will be the same in the future. 


Why do you like to work at Mapal?

I love to be part of the team at MAPAL because I can work with an international team from all over Europe. The work atmosphere is nice, colleagues are super friendly and there is a nice team spirit. The ambition of the company is big, which is challenging but at the same time also exciting. It’s not always easy but it definitely is fun!! :)