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Head of Inside SalesLeo Espouy

Tell us a little about your background in hospitality

As a student, I had a couple of part-time jobs in hospitality: a nightclub in Edinburgh, behind the bar and front of house, which was really good fun; then as a receptionist at the Marriott Hotel and also some shifts at M&S Food.

I also grew up around food…chocolate actually. My dad was a self-taught chocolatier and had his own business called “Plaisir du Chocolate.” I used to visit his chocolate factory regularly.

After finishing university, I went to France for a break and ended up studying business. I returned to Scotland and had an interview with Flow Learning. I was excited about the opportunity as I’ve always loved the hospitality experience: going out to restaurants, I mean, I am that person who asks bartenders what speciality drink they recommend, to try something new and watch them make it.

Tell us about your role in MAPAL

I’m now head of inside sales, so I manage the UK inside sales team, creating new business and speaking to new hospitality companies about out our technology solutions can help them improve. I love being out there talking to customers and especially seeing them getting back to normal after the pandemic.

One of my favourite parts of the role is managing people, mentoring them and watching the get promoted is extremely rewarding. Help them get to the place they deserve is so awesome!

Is there anyone special who has helped you in your career?

That’s an easy one: Elly Johnston, who is now Global Accounts Director, has been there from the get-go. She entrusted me with a lot of responsibility and has always enabled me to take my own ideas forward. Elly is so humble and genuine and always puts her team first. I’ve never met anyone who cares so deeply about people and hospitality, She’s really inspiring and it really comes from the heart. She’s a true driving force.

What excited you most about the future of hospitality technology

I think what I am most excited about is what technology can do to make more people aware about how great an industry hospitality is to work in and can make hospitality careers clearer and more accessible for everyone. I'm interested in how we can attract the next generation to hospitality as a career. I want to work with tech that focuses as much on the employee as the employer and helps develop careers and garner excitement for the industry and helps people see it as more than a student job. Using AI we can create platforms that deliver relevant information and development at point of need.