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Software EngineerJavier Ramírez "Yepes"

Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

I am Javi de Yepes, a rural boy lost in the big city. 
I could say many things that I like, but they are mainly summarized in 3, with their different variations and possible combinations: mountain, sea and sport. Also, among the things I like the most is sharing a fun conversation with friends, drinking a beer while listening to good music. My favourite food is prawns, if those sea bugs did not exist I would not be able to get up in the morning :)


What attracted you to working at Mapal Group?  

I discovered Mapal at a time when I needed a job change. 

It all started more than 6 years ago, the day I left Yepes (a small and beautiful town in the province of Toledo, do not hesitate to visit it), bound for Mapal to do a job interview. I cleaned myself thoroughly and made myself handsome, because even though I wasn't going to flirt, I wanted to make a good impression.   

When I did the interview in Mapal I was pleased to see that at that time it was a very small company, with only 3 people in the development department, and with a project where there was much done, but much more to do. This, and the enthusiasm with which Jorge, the CEO described the business idea he had in mind, helped me make the decision. 


What restaurant technology trends are you most excited about? 

I think that, although the main actor in the restaurant sector is the customer, lately more (and deserved) prominence has been given to workers in the sector, developing new and good solutions in order to facilitate their work, their training and reconcile work with personal life.   

At Mapal we have a tool of this nature called GIRStaff, with a lot of evolution ahead, and which, together with the Flow solution, will be a very attractive combo. 


What projects are you working on at the moment? 

I am currently working on the solution that Mapal is providing to modernize our GIR software, and thus integrate it into a framework that facilitates the adaptation of GIR to the future and to unify it together with other existing solutions on a common platform for all. 

This has been a very important challenge for me technologically, but above all it has been a challenge for the whole team, where the work of the team has been the most important thing.  


What customer challenges do you enjoy the most? 

I enjoy all the challenges. This is a very little "standardized" business model, and each one always comes up with a new solution. They are naughty!   

It is a very dynamic sector, I like that. 


What areas of your role give you the most job satisfaction? 

As I mentioned at the beginning, I have been working at Mapal for many years.  For this reason, I have learned a lot about the Mapal business model, and I think I am good at it and I am passionate about explaining it and translating all my business knowledge to share it with other colleagues who need it. This is what I like to do the most. 


Where do you see Mapal going in the future? 

Mapal on the NASDAQ, starting trading at the ringing of the bell. 


What is the most important thing about your role? 

My performance at MAPAL is to be a piece of the team that we form, each one of us is a key piece, but at the same time we are nothing without the team. The secret in MAPAL is not anyone in particular, it is the set, the team. As long as this is present, everything will continue to flow.