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Global Head of UX/UIInés Durruti

Tell us a little about your background

I often worked with hospitality brands as a consultant, such as Meliá, restaurants, etc, but it wasn’t my main focus. I eventually got tired of dealing with so many different products on a day-to-day basis, and I found the opportunity at MAPAL really interesting. During my teensm I worked as a waitress with my mother who worked in public relations at a winery, so I had some experience in the sector.

How did you get into UX?

I’ve always been very creative. I wanted to study fine arts, but my practical side wanted to do something that offered career possibilities. So, I studied design, which covered all kinds of products and offered a range of options. The majority of students on my course were women: there’s something about creativity that tends to attract more women than men.

What does your role as Global Head of UX/UI involve?

I coordinate the user experience for all MAPAL products, managing all teams transversally to guarantee user experience when platforms are created. I ensure that they’re user-friendly, practical, and visually attractive. In addition, I ensure our digital design system is applied to the entire MAPAL environment. I find managing teams, mentoring others and helping them develop extremely rewarding and I’d like to develop more in this area in the future.

Is there anyone in particular who has helped you along the way?

Oh yes, a few actually. The first was a teacher and mentor on my design course who also worked at the company I later worked for. The second was a female director of the company I worked for in Lima. She taught me so much, how to deal with things and what to do in the face of challenges.

What most excited you about the future of UX Design?

Data is one area that fascinates me the most. You can do millions of things with data: reduce costs phenomenally and use it to improve the products you offer your customers. In UX Design, we are the bridge between the data consumed and generated, and by creating insights and analytics, we can help companies grow, make better decisions and improve the satisfaction of their customers.