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WebinarOptimising sales and reducing food waste in bakeries and cafés

Getting your sales forecasts and orders right is a tricky business. Without a reliable café or bakery management system, fresh products in cafés and bakeries become waste quickly if they're unsold. And your customers will be disappointed if you run out.  

Savvie is an easy-to-use, brainy café assistant that uses AI sales forecasting to give you recommendations on how much to order, what’s selling and what’s not. You’ll sell more, waste less and spend less time working out the numbers yourself! 

Join our webinar to hear more about how this bakery and coffee shop management software can boost your business with: 

AI-generated sales forecasting:
Optimal stock and no leftovers, always
Automated ordering
Make sure you always have what your customers want
Sold-out tracking
So you never miss another sale
Smarter waste tracking
Set target and monitor unsold products in real time
Product trend analysis
Understand what’s selling, and what’s not

Peder Lindencrona

Director MAPAL Nordics

Jessica Li

Product Director, Savvie by MAPAL

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