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MapalOS Admin
Added the ability to set a user profile as the default, for operators where a default profile had been already previously set.
MapalOS Admin
When a user is removed from the last operator they changed to, the default operator automatically updates to the next operator associated with the user in the list.
User Creation
Changed User creation flow for operators with Workforce enabled.Stepper is displayed, allowing users to add user details, assign business units and departments, as well as SSO configuration.
Employee Management
Removed references to users on Employee creation and employee edition. If an email address is entered on employee creation, a user will be automatically created. If a user already exists with entered email address, then employee will be linked to such user.
Employee management
Added external id field to employee entity.
Same external id is allowed if in different operators.
Modified bulk upload to read this new field.
Updated flow sync to handle employee external ids.
Included in get/create/update employee endpoints:
      - POST operators/{operatorId}/employees
      - PUT operators/{operatorId}/employees/{employeeId}
      - GET operators/{operatorId}/employees/{employeeId}
Employee management
Removed employee delete action for operators with source of truth different than MapalOS.
Employee management
Add employee button will always be displayed disabled for operators with Workforce enabled.
Employee management
EmployeeConsumer has been modified to allow nullable employee endDates coming from Workforce sync.
Created /me/actions endpoint for AI development purposes.
WF-MapalOS Sync
Added missing operator fields on WF to MapalOS Sync (Doc Space, City, Region, Timezone, Share operator data (switch)).
Flow Sync
Improved Flow Sync log traces.
Flow Sync
Added ability to decide whether departments are synced in Flow sync to better control Flow sync performance.