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Free MasterclassCuration vs. creation: Can curation elevate your learning strategy?

You may have heard the term ‘curation’ weaving in and out of learning and development spheres for the past few years, but have you wondered what it was all about?

Curation itself has existed long before learning and development borrowed the term. From your favourite library to a long-term member of staff imparting their tried-and-true best practices, we all have experienced a form of curation.

But how do we leverage this practice for our teams? Can curation excite our learners?

Tune in on our free masterclass and take a dive into the value of curation with Flow’s Learning Experience Manager, Bethany Paterson, and Filtered’s Senior Digital Project Manager, Katarzyna Szkopkowska.

We’ll discuss:
  • How Filtered is connected to content curation.
  • What is curation and why to choose curation for your learning strategy.
  • What’s important to think about when curating.
  • What to look out for when curating.
  • Where to start: how you can curate effectively and efficiently.

Bethany Paterson

Learning Experience Manager at Flow Learning

Katarzyna Szkopkowska

Senior Digital Project Manager at Filtered Technologies


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